3DS MAX搭配AE制作摄像机跟踪反求场景特效合成 (英文字幕) Learn VFX Camera Tracking And Compositing

3DS MAX搭配AE制作摄像机跟踪反求场景特效合成 (英文字幕) Learn VFX Camera Tracking And Compositing
3DS MAX搭配AE制作摄像机跟踪反求场景特效合成 (英文字幕) Learn VFX Camera Tracking And Compositing

使用 3ds Max 和 Adob​​e After Effects 的内置工具将无人机和其他实时素材添加到您的工作流程中。在本课程中,您将学习拍摄无人机镜头(或任何类型的镜头),无论是您还是其他人拍摄的,并轻松且令人信服地合成您的 3D 作品。3DS Max 和 After Effects 已经拥有使用 3D 合成到实时素材中创建视觉效果所需的所有内置工具。学习本课程,您会惊奇地发现,您可以使用您可能已经可以访问的软件快速轻松地跟上进度,创建您自己的电影般的效果。


After Effects 内部——在这里我将向您展示如何生成和导出 3D 摄像机跟踪数据以供以后在 3DS Max 中使用。
在 3DS Max 内部——从 AE 中,我们将获得一个与我们的实时视频片段的缩放角度和运动完全匹配的相机,但在 Max 中,我们必须调整它的缩放和旋转以使其与现实世界相匹配. 一旦我们有了它,我们就可以将我们想要的任何 3D 元素添加到素材中。
在 After Effects 中将所有内容重新组合在一起——我们将在这里进行一些合成。目标是使 3D 动画元素和实时画面无缝且令人信服地融合在一起。
Use the built-in tools of 3ds Max and adobe e after effects to add drones and other real-time materials to your workflow. In this course, you will learn to shoot drone lenses (or any type of lens), whether you or others, and easily and convincingly synthesize your 3D works. 3ds Max and after effects already have all the built-in tools needed to create visual effects using 3D synthesis into real-time materials. After learning this course, you will be surprised to find that you can quickly and easily catch up with the progress and create your own movie like effects using the software you may have access to.
This course is divided into three main parts:
After effects internal – here I will show you how to generate and export 3D camera tracking data for later use in 3ds max.
Inside 3ds Max – from AE, we will get a camera that exactly matches the zoom angle and motion of our real-time video clips, but in Max, we must adjust its zoom and rotation to match the real world Once we have it, we can add any 3D element we want to the material.
Regroup everything in after effects — we’ll do some compositing here. The goal is to seamlessly and convincingly integrate 3D animation elements with real-time images.

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