DaVinci Resolve达芬奇数字转胶片调色插件 FilmConvert Nitrate OFX v3.31 Win

DaVinci Resolve达芬奇数字转胶片调色插件 FilmConvert Nitrate OFX v3.31 Win


一款将数字摄影机拍摄的素材色彩转换成胶片色彩的工具 FilmConvert Nitrate,可作为独立程序,也可以作为第三方插件,插件可调整曝光,色温,添加颗粒等,颜色三色轮,二级调色等其他属性。支持3D LUT预设文件导出和保存预设, 适用素材 RED,DSLR,MOV等素材 ,内置多种胶片预设,8MM-35MM 镜头噪点设置,操作流程简单,支持4K输出.

FilmConvert Nitrate 3 插件特性:


Cineon Log 电影仿真:
电影制作人喜欢内置的FilmConvert电影预设,因为它们看起来很真实,但有时你想要对最终图像有更多的控制权。在Nitrate更新中,我们添加了我们原始胶片库存仿真的Cineon Log版本,这意味着您可以根据自己的喜好调整胶片库存的对比度或饱和度,同时仍保持真实的胶片原色。

高级调色师可以使用DaVinci Resolve中的Nitrate进行真正的胶片彩色工作流程。Nitrate现在使用完整的Log图像处理管道,因此您可以在分级过程中保留素材的完整动态范围。



DaVinci Resolve Studio 16-18或更高版软件

DaVinci Resolve 16-18 或更高版软件



[Introduction to Plug ins]
FilmConvert Nitrate, a tool that converts the color of the material captured by a digital camera into film color, can be used as an independent program or as a third-party plug-in. The plug-in can adjust the exposure, color temperature, adding particles, color tricolor wheel, secondary tinting and other attributes. It supports 3D LUT preset file export and saving presets. It is applicable to materials such as RED, DSLR, MOV, etc. It has a variety of built-in film presets, 8MM-35MM lens noise settings, simple operation process, and supports 4K output
FilmConvert Nitrate 3 plug-in features:
This official website has put forward the plug-in of Nitrate concept, which provides new functions, provides you with more powerful functions and controls your color level;
Cineon Log movie simulation:
Filmmakers like the built-in FilmConvert movie presets because they look real, but sometimes you want more control over the final image. In the Nitrate update, we added the Cineon Log version of our original film stock simulation, which means that you can adjust the contrast or saturation of the film stock according to your own preferences, while still maintaining the real film primary color.
Shoot digital movies
Senior color mixers can use Nitrate in DaVinci Resolve for real film color workflow. Nitrate now uses a complete Log image processing pipeline, so you can retain the full dynamic range of the material during the grading process.
Improved interfaces and controls
Use Nitrate’s on-screen controls to rate images in the full screen interface, so you can keep in touch with your own screen ratings.
Plug in supports Win10/11 system:
DaVinci Resolve Studio 16-18 or higher
DaVinci Resolve 16-18 or higher
V3.31 update: use the new code base.

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