3DS MAX插件 三维建模雕刻Sculpt Tool v1.0

3DS MAX插件 三维建模雕刻Sculpt Tool v1.0介绍

三维建模雕刻3DS MAX插件 Sculpt Tool v1.0

三维建模雕刻3DS MAX插件 Sculpt Tool v1.0

适用于3dsmax 2023及更高版本的雕刻工具。该工具最适合用于有机网格等的小型编辑/任务。如果您想在 3dsmax 中停留更多时间而不需要导出/导入到其他雕刻应用程序,或者如果您只是想尝试雕刻并发挥您的想象力,这是一个不错的选择。



  • 您可以在可编辑多边形和编辑多边形中进行雕刻编辑。
  • 您可以使用数位板或鼠标进行雕刻。选择是你的。
  • 您可以刷对象面选择。
  • 您可以通过在刷对象表面时按 Ctrl 来恢复雕刻修改。撤消可能会冻结您的应用程序。谨慎使用撤消!
  • 使用“重新划分网格”按钮时可用的布尔运算(合并、减去、交集)。
  • 在重新划分网格时使用平滑组和/或材料 ID 定义良好的拓扑结构。
  • 我的切片工具现在集成在雕刻工具主 UI 中。
  • 材质 ID 稍后可以在 zbrush 上用作多边形组(导入为 FBX)。
  • 您可以随时根据需要选择画笔设置的完美组合。
  • 还有很多…

支持软件 3DS MAX 2023/2024

Engraving tools suitable for 3dsmax 2023 and higher versions. This tool is most suitable for small editing/tasks such as organic grids. If you want to stay in 3dsmax for more time without needing to export/import to other carving applications, or if you just want to try carving and unleash your imagination, this is a good choice.
Plugin features:
You can perform sculpt editing in both editable and editable polygons.
You can use a digital tablet or mouse for carving. The choice is yours.
You can brush the selection of object faces.
You can restore sculpting modifications by pressing Ctrl while brushing the surface of the object. Undoing may freeze your application. Use undo with caution!
The Boolean operations (merge, subtract, intersect) available when using the “re grid” button.
Use smooth groups and/or material IDs to define a well-defined topology when re meshing.
My slicing tool is now integrated into the main UI of the carving tool.
The material ID can later be used as a polygon group (imported as FBX) on zbrush.
You can choose the perfect combination of brush settings as needed at any time.
There are still many
Support software 3DS MAX 2023/2024


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